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Sometimes Netflix just KNOWS I’m on my period.

If I were to start actually posting on my tumblr, I would need a good assortment of .gifs to begin my reign. Here’s all I have so far. PLEASE SEND HALP. image




I just scored myself this book, featuring photography from Alfred Cheney Johnston’s “lost” collection. These photos were tucked away in a box labeled “private” and uncovered after his death. It ALSO features my favorite Ziegfeld Follies gal, Virginia Biddle. So many great captions and fun facts. This is starting to sound like an amazon review, but you won’t be disappointed. It’s a winner. I’m going to use my new scanner to rasterbate my favorite photos. Johnny doesn’t believe ‘rasterbate’ is a real word. I will prove him wrong. 

In other news, Santa brought me an ice cream maker and I just finished whipping up a batch of white chocolate blueberry custard ice cream with brown sugar. I didn’t know you could put all of your favorite things into an ice cream like that. Oh, my heart/love handles. 


It’s settled. I’m going to hobble Julian Fellowes in the middle of a snow storm until he writes a different ending. 

→ http://soundcloud.com/bittlelottle/apres-moi

You guys, I covered “Apres Moi” and I really want to start using my Tumblr! This is my offering for being absent almost entirely. I also got my bible sized book on Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney today and that will be a great Tumblr starting point, I’m sure. SO MANY FEELINGS TO SHARE.

when you physically assault a co-worker for letting you see a Downton Abbey spoiler… (even though she told me not to look)

In order to further dominate my first Tumblr post, here is the only photo I have saved to my work computer: